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ETS-Lindgren EMField Generator

ETS-Lindgren EMField Generator, foto 1
ETS-Lindgren EMField Generator
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ETS-Lindgren EMField Generator - opis

ETS-Lindgren’s EMField™ Generator is a unique, integrated solution for Radiated Immunity testing including IEC/EN 61000-4-3. It combines an amplifier, directional couplers, and an antenna array into one remarkable, simplified design.  Nearly all of the generated power is converted into useable field strength.

The supporting instrumentation – a signal generator, laser probe controller, and EMField power supply – are all plug-and-play card modules that slide into the backplane of the EMCenter, an intelligent 19 inch console only 3U high placed in the control room.

Key Features

    Almost all Power is Converted into Field
    Integrated Single Instrument Solution
    Compatible with TILE!™ Software
    No Cable Losses
    No Power Combiner Losses
    No Equipment Rack Inside Chamber