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ETS-Lindgren Stół obrotowy 1062

ETS-Lindgren Stół obrotowy 1062, foto 1
ETS-Lindgren Stół obrotowy 1062
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ETS-Lindgren Stół obrotowy 1062 - opis

ETS-Lindgren's Model 1062-1.2B is a low profile, manually operated, nonmetallic turntable designed for pre-scan measurements. The  1062-1.2B is perfect for performing pre-scans, where coupling with the ground plane is not required. With a 450 kg (1,000 lb) distributed load rating, this turntable can support most EUTs that would be used with this diameter turntable. Manually rotated, the turntable can be rotated as needed, and held in position with a lock screw.

The model 1062-1.2B's minimal height and ABS/PVC construction is virtually RF invisible, so site attenuation characteristics are virtually unchanged. With a top almost flush to the ground plane, excavating a pit to bury a power train assembly is not necessary. The manual turntable can be used at indoor or outdoor sites where traditional tur