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ETS-Lindgren Pozycjoner jednoosiowy 2006

ETS-Lindgren Pozycjoner jednoosiowy 2006, foto 1
ETS-Lindgren Pozycjoner jednoosiowy 2006
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ETS-Lindgren Pozycjoner jednoosiowy 2006 - opis

ETS-Lindgren's Model 2006 Light Duty Azimuth Positioner is designed to provide azimuth rotation of a lightweight test object. It is intended primarily as a basic solution for azimuth (polar) pattern measurements of passive and active devices. The model 2006 is fully compatible with our EMQuest™ & EMQuest Lite Antenna Pattern Measurement Software for passive antenna pattern measurement. For pattern measurement of active devices, a software upgrade to our fully functional standard EMQuest EMQ- 100 Antenna Pattern Measurement Software is recommended.