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ETS-Lindgren Absorbery EMC-20PCL

ETS-Lindgren Absorbery EMC-20PCL, foto 1
ETS-Lindgren Absorbery EMC-20PCL
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ETS-Lindgren Absorbery EMC-20PCL - opis

Key Features:

    Designed for MIL-STD-461D/E/F, and RTCA-DO-160 Testing
    Ultra Broadband Performance: 80 MHz to 40 GHz
    540 V/m CW Radiated Field Strength
    Max. 0.5 Watt/in2 or 775 Watt/m2
    Power Handling Fire Retardant: Meets NRL 8093 Tests 1,2, & 3, MIT MS-8-21, UL 94, and DIN 4102-B2
    FlexSorb™ option available

New or Retrofit Chamber Installation
EMC-20PCL Anechoic Absorber can easily be installed into either new construction, or as a retrofit to existing chambers.
Reduced Profile, Blunt-Tips
The EMC-20PCL has a reduced profile, providing the user a greater working space within the chamber. Blunt-tips on this absorber reduce the chance of absorber tip damage.
Non-Hygroscopic Substrate
The EMC-20PCL absorber is produced from a fire-retardant chemical formula that is non-hygroscopic. As a result, the absorber is not affected by moisture and will maintain its mechanical and RF performance over the life of the product.
Assorted Colors
The EMC-20PCL is now available in the original blue, black, grey or white.
Performance Standards
EMC-20PCL absorber meets or exceeds MIL-STD-461D/E/F and RTCA-D0-160 performance requirements and is ideal for new installations or chamber retrofits. It provides an ultra broadband performance range of 80 MHz to 40 GHz.
Ultra-Broadband Performance
During the manufacturing process, our unique two-step impregnations are specially formulated to provide improved reflectivity performance below 200 MHz. This tuning is verified on each absorber piece in a large coaxial reflectometer which measures reflectivity vs. frequency from 20 MHz to 300 MHz to ensure consistency of performance.
Power Handling
EMC-20PCL has excellent power handling capabilities. This absorber has been proven to safely withstand up to 0.5 Watt/in2 CW power density in RF and microwave frequency ranges. Maximum service temperature is 90o C (190o F) continuous.
This absorber meets the fire retardant standards of NRL 8093 Tests 1, 2, 3, MIT MS-8-21, UL 94, and DIN 4102-B2: Tests for Flammability. EMC-20PCL has an ASTM E84-84 flame-spread index of 35 and a smoke developed index of 450.-